Andrew and Christine were referred to us through their child, an existing client of ours. They were beginning to plan their future and what would happen to their wealth when they passed away.

They were particularly worried about how much of their estate would go to the Exchequer on their deaths, rather than their preferred beneficiaries.

The couple had previously made substantial gifts. However, they were concerned about how further gifts to loved ones would have an impact on their annual income needs, especially if long-term care were needed in the future.

Given their respective ages and state of health, they were unsure what option would be suitable and how they could fund supporting loved ones without a potentially detrimental impact on their lifestyle.

After discussing their situation and reviewing their asset base, it became apparent that some options were precluded due to inherent tax complications. Other options would also fall foul of the ‘gifts with reservation’ or ‘artificial transaction’ rules. As a result, alternative solutions were required.

During the course of our meetings, it became apparent that there had been a clear deterioration in the couple’s decision-making powers. Due to the complexity of the situation, we urged the couple to involve their beneficiaries in the planning process; that way, the needs of Andrew, Christine and their children would be understood and better met. The children already had Powers of Attorney, which made the process easier.

Ultimately, it was agreed that the couple would borrow money using Equity Release and gift all the proceeds to their children; smaller amounts would go to grandchildren for house deposits. This allowed the couple to improve the financial security of their loved ones now, rather than waiting until after death.

The children had all indicated that they were likely to sell the family home upon their parents’ deaths as it was unsuitable for their needs. Both Andrew and Christine felt comfortable about this route.

To help mitigate Inheritance Tax concerns, we also altered the structure of some of their investments. This meant they would be outside of their estate after two years but could still provide an income and fund long-term care if necessary.

As an organisation, we are Dementia Friends. Our team members have individually committed to learning and implementing patient and effective ways to work with clients who have dementia. You can learn more about Dementia Friends here.

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This company has provided me with expert financial advice and support. Without them, I wouldn't enjoy the happy retirement I am now experiencing. I may also say that the whole process has been - dare I say it – fun!

Mandy, Cannes

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We have been extremely satisfied with the advice we have received from Higgins Fairbairn and would thoroughly recommend them.

Steve, Ascot

A client since 2006

A very sound business who knows what they are talking about and deliver advice succinctly with knowledge.

Dr A., Pinner

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Higgins Fairbairn really takes the time to understand our financial goals, put together a clear strategy while anticipating future requirements and reliably look after the whole process. All this in a knowledgeable and friendly manner.

Nikki, High Wycombe

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Gp has been very helpful in reviewing our finances and making great recommendations on investments and other financial matters. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Mrs D, St Albans

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Higgins Fairbairn have been providing a quality service to me for many years. In all those years, I’ve never felt or needed to look elsewhere.

Robert, Stourbridge

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We have been with Higgins Fairbairn for over 30 years, during which our lives and circumstances have required professional financial advice which took account of our particular needs and wishes. This was always provided in a friendly, supportive and empathetic manner, which we have much appreciated and come to depend on. It has been a great benefit to have a company like Higgins Fairbairn, who are accessible and reliable, to look after many vital aspects of our affairs.

Mrs and Mrs F, London

Clients since 2006

My wife had very complicated pension arrangements which were sorted out with doggedness, patience and skill.

Arthur, London

A client since 2007

Decisions about retiring early were made easier after consultation with Mr Mantini. He answered all questions in a straightforward manner and inspired confidence in his knowledge of options available to me.

Ms A, London

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As a retired person, I appreciate the advice Higgins Fairbairn give me which fills me with confidence for the future and leaves me relaxed about my financial affairs.

Mr P, Barnet

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Higgins Fairbairn offers a personal and informed service to its clients in an environment of confidentiality and tailoring to the needs of the individual. Staff know their brief and execute it well.

Jane, London

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We have always found that Gp and his team have given us an excellent service and have gone to great lengths to understand our personal circumstances and needs.

Mr O, London

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Over the last 25 years, the Higgins Fairbairn team have always been there for me. They are outstanding in their knowledge and helpfulness.

Sue, London

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