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    Making light of finance

    Many of us view the daunting prospect of planning our financial future with trepidation.

    Surveying the complex world of many different options can be like walking through a darkened room. You know there are obstacles, but not what – or where – they are.

    We illuminate that room, identifying exactly what's needed to meet your aspirations and desires. And then, together, we chart a path to reach them safely and securely.

    So, whatever you seek for your financial future and no matter how complex your situation, welcome to Higgins Fairbairn Advisory.

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    Journey's start

    Apart perhaps from when we buy our home, nothing is more important financially than to invest with care for a secure future.

    We know this. It is central to all we do. So the sensitivity that you demand from someone you're entrusting with your material fortunes informs all we do.

    Our start – and end – point is what you want your resources to deliver going forward. So the first thing we do is sit down with you for a fireside chat. It's friendly and informal but with a serious purpose.

    We need to know all about you. Your hopes. Your worries. Your expectations. Our objective is to marry what you want to accomplish with what you have available. Together, we can then develop a plan for your income and assets to give you the very best chance of achieving your personal goals. The key is a flexible strategy that creates options for you at all stages of your life while still allowing for the unforeseen. We stand beside you through all that may occur to ensure that we build with you a secure and tranquil financial future.

    About us

    The prudent shop around before making this kind of commitment. It's the right thing to do because trust relationships thrive when based on diligent validation.

    So how to compare us with the rest? In truth, there's not a lot of difference. As Chartered Financial Planners, we do stand out from many in the crowd. But it's the belief system at the heart of our business that really distinguishes us.

    Trust, approachability and thoughtfulness set us apart from the aggressive business-builders. Clients like our commitment to 'Less is More', feeling part of a small, gently growing family rather than one among many. And long before it became the industry standard, we worked on a fee-only basis, testament to our ethical, client-centric core. Joining us means you're someone who will benefit from our special, hands-on approach that treasures the individual. This intimate connection ensures the right chemistry to ignite a flame that lights the way and lightens the burden of your finances.

    Journey's end

    Higgins Fairbairn Advisory,
    1st Floor 24/25,
    New Bond Street, London W1S 2RR
    t: +44 (0) 207 355 4640
    e: fsinfo@higginsfairbairn.co.uk
    w: www.hfadvisory.co.uk

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